About us

Cylpro Co., Ltd was established in 2002 primarily to engage in the servicing in the field for Heavy Duty and Construction equipment. Since 2003, Cylpro made the agreement with American Crane & Tractor Parts Inc and Hoe Leong Corporation, which are biggest Caterpillar Aftermarket Spare Parts supplier in the USA and Singapore. Now we have broadened its activities increasing the product volume and category.

In 2004, the Cylpro became one of the Official Sole Agency of Donaldson, which is the biggest filter elements manufacturer in the World and represents top quality lines to the customers. In 2005, we have experienced importing Safety Products to meet with the requirements of the Mining and Construction Companies and as well as other business entities and companies. Since 2006, we have developed activities on renting, selling and intermediating Heavy equipment and operated intensively to established our own rental workshop. In 2009, Cylpro has started operator training course and is authorized with training license from Social Security & Labor Ministry of Mongolia. At the present time Cylpro has Sales, Service, Marketing and Logistic departments and we have been working in cooperation with other entities under the permanent and temporary terms of contracts. Our skilled and experienced sales team is dedicated to offering you the best solutions and advising you in order to make your future business more fruitful and successful... Current Sales and Services:

• Spare parts supply, including Genuine parts, OEM, Aftermarket and rebuilt parts

• Equipment and Component service, including maintenances and repair

• Safety equipment supply

• Equipment Sale and Rent

• Operator training for Heavy Duty Equipment