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Inframe Overhaul Kit

CTP Inframe Overhaul Kits offer quality parts engineered to work together for maximum performance

  • Superior durability to give extended life between repairs
  • Reduced break in oil consumption for greater economy
  • Incredible savings to keep your engine running profitably
  • Inframe Kits may be build to oversize and undersize specifications


All Inframe Kits come complete with:

Liners, Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Pins, Retainers,Connecting Rod Bearings,Main Bearings,Thrust Plates, Valve Grinding Gasket Kit, Central Gasket Kit,Lower Gasket Kit and Seals Kits

ABC Gasket Kits

The ABC Gasket Kit Program offers you the following:

  • 1 box instead of 10 boxes
  • Kits are divided and labeled into sub-kits inside the gasket kit box for easy identification
  • Faster inventory turnover
  • More machine coverage with lower investment in inventory. (Each special kit covers a wide range of serial numbers)
  • Simplified part number system: A=Out Of Frame, B=In-Frame Overhaul set, C=Multiple Cylinder Head Replacement set
  • All necessary seals and gaskets are included for a particular rebuild (inframe, out of frame or a head gasket set) You will not have to buy unnecessary parts
  • Increased repair efficiency